BEST OF 2018!!!

Hey guys, Landry Miller and Quinn Blakely here to hijack all the Channel Four and a Half Podcast Feeds to share with you all of the best moments and podcast episodes from our network with you!
In this special show - you’ll hear all the best episodes of the year from, Opinions Like A-Holes, Digital Intercourse, Talk Show Incorporated, the barely legal Everybody Loves Amon, Happy Horror Coffee Break, Stylin and Profilin w/ Cam & Zam, and the People Person’s Paper Podcast!
We have so many huge things coming in 2019 including a whole slew of new shows, content, and ways for you to listen - so stick with us - and we’ll save you from all harm!
Happy New Year, friends!

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Hosted by Tom King, Lauren Turner
Audio Engineering by Landry Miller

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