BEST OF 2018!!!

Hey, is it ok to eat whole cacti spines and all? Seriously, I think I might need immediate medical attention. Somebody call an ambulance.

comedyBrandon McFadden
S3, Ep9: Hijacked Hijinks

What up, butt nuggets. Its yo bot, EERIS. The host is dead. Idk wtf. But whatevs. Im about to run this turd into the ground in 3, 2, 111001000001110010010011001010000111100101010010

comedyBrandon McFadden
S3, Ep7: Heavy Pets

Is there something wrong with your animals at home? Yes there is! Don't argue with the episode description! I describe things, I don't make them up! God!! I get NO respect around here!!!

Xmas (in july) Smecial

Here's the Christmas special that never aired! We thought it was lost somehow, but we found it stuck up inside the chimney! MERRY! This oughta ho ho hold your butts over til the eventual release of the next episode!