#04 Lee & Nicole Miller, and Jyl Johnson

This episode is PG-13ish
This week on the show, Landry sits down with Lee and Nicole Miller from Crayons! Improv and  Comedian Jyl Johnson. They talk about everything and nothing. We also have Lucinda stop by the Savage Space studio to answer some relationship questions.
Catch the Crayons next show at the Woodlake Youth Center on February 10th. Find more on the Crayons on Facebook at facebook.com/crayonsimprov or on their website at CrayonsImprov.com

Jyl Johnson can be found everywhere in town, including the Comedy Parlor where she’ll be performing stand up on the 10pm show. And she can be found every month at OK, So, which you can find more info at Facebook.com/oksotulsa/

As always, this show is brought to you by Savage Space. Savage Space is a coworking center that specializes in creating a community of creative minds, artists, and entrepreneurs who are working to redefine the culture of work and expression. Find out more at SavageSpace.c

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