Ep 118 Someone To Carreon Me
Ep 117 White Boy Gulick
Ep 116 Requiem Laura Dream
Ep 115 The OutSliders
Ep 114 Married To The Penny Mob
Ep 113 The FlowerCraft
Ep 112 Driller City Slickers
Ep 111 Norton Hears a Who
Ep 110 S.C. Punk
Ep 109 Baby Cliffdiver
Ep 108 Every Which Way But Loose Wires
Ep 107 Angels in the Hatfield
BEST OF 2018!!!
Ep 106 Brians for Lambs
Ep 105 Just The Two of Us
Ep 104 My Favorite Morton
Ep 103 Miller Klowns From Outer Space
Ep 102 DeVore The Devil Knows You're Dead