Ep 28 Casino Night

Welcome to the People Person's Paper Podcast! Each week, hosts Hilton Price and Brian Sittler and their guests chronologically examine every episode of the hit NBC sitcom The Office, analyzing storylines and character development, and identifying that special something that made this seemingly unremarkable remake of a BBC TV show into a cultural phenomenon.

We're breaking the law for a good cause on Episode 28! This week, Brian and Hilton welcome back Lacey Hunt and check out the final episode of Season 2! It's a night of drinks and gambling in the warehouse for the staff of Dunder Mifflin, and that means secrets, reveals, and a few surprises. We've spent two seasons watching Jim and Pam, but they're not the only couple who'll catch our eye this episode. From the curious coupling of Dwight and Angela to Michael's 2 Queens, there's a lot of love to go around. We also get tons of great moments from the rest of the cast, who after more than 2 dozen episodes, are starting to feel like family. So, grab your family, and click the link below to check out our take on one of the best episodes in the series!

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