Ep 40 Traveling Salesmen

Welcome to the People Person's Paper Podcast! Each week, hosts Hilton Price and Brian Sittler and their guests chronologically examine every episode of the hit NBC sitcom The Office, analyzing story-lines and character development, and identifying that special something that made this seemingly unremarkable remake of a BBC TV show into a cultural phenomenon.

It’s time to get a makeover, because we’ve hit episode 40! This week, Brian and Hilton welcome Hilton’s mom, Elise Price, to the show to watch Episode 13 of Season 3, Traveling Salesmen! Mom’s a bit of a traveling salesman, er, salesperson herself, and she’s got some insight to offer as we watch Jim, Dwight, Michael, Andy, Phyllis, Karen, Stanley, and Ryan try and sell some paper! The real story this episode, however, is all about Andy, as he makes a big play to get rid of Dwight! Will he be successful? Will Karen entice Jim with her new look? Will Ryan get a better opener? All this and more is at the link below!