Ep 47 Safety Training

Welcome to the People Person's Paper Podcast! Each week, hosts Hilton Price and Brian Sittler and their guests chronologically examine every episode of the hit NBC sitcom The Office, analyzing story-lines and character development, and identifying that special something that made this seemingly unremarkable remake of a BBC TV show into a cultural phenomenon.

We're dying to prove a point on Episode 47! This week, Brian and Hilton welcome comedian Cam Porter back to the show to talk about Episode 20 of Season 3, Safety Training. Michael's feelings are hurt after the upstairs office safety training isn't as cool as Daryl's in the warehouse. So, he's going to show everyone just how dangerous an office can be, even if it kills him! Will Pam and Jim realize the plan in time to save him? And will the rest of the office win a little money making bets on the side? It could either be a payout or a funeral depending on how the day goes. So, pretty much another day in Scranton, PA! Check out our breakdown of another great episode at the link below!