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Channel 4.5 Network
Generic Conspiracy Show

Generic Panel Show: Conspiracy

This week.Ryan Green sits down and talks to Sariya Starr, Cian Baker, CR Parsons, and Blake Dyer about conspiracy theories. Aliens, JFK, Mandela Effect, and more!

Channel 4.5 Network
Generic Panel Show: Relationships

This week, Ryan Green sits down to talk about the best of times, the worst of times, and the most embarrassing of know, relationships. Panelists are Thomas King, Shawna Blake, Andrew Deacon, and Landry Miller.

ComedyChannel 4.5 Network
Generic Panel Show: Occupations

This week Ryan Green sits down with Kayse Melone, Laurel George, Jeff Brown, and Benjamin Sisseck to discuss jobs, work, and occupations, oh my!
They detail the worst, the weirdest jobs they've ever had- including a chicken farm and a theatre owned by the church of Scientology. Plus they tell their best "Last Day at a Job" stories.

ComedyChannel 4.5 Network
Anything Must Go: The Revengencing

Take a ride on the wild side with a pilot struggling with his sexuality, a garage dweller named Crispy, and the triumphant return of reporter Bob Waggle in Anything Must Go Episode 2; The Revengenceing!

Channel 4.5 Network
Plug Into My Head with Metroyd Myk

We sat down with Metroyd Myk, one of the most talented musicians to come through Tulsa. He talked to us about his usage of emotional pains, dealing with events in his personal life, and his life-long love of music and mixed it into this beautiful art he has created. If you've never seen him perform, you need to. You can check him out online at and all over the rest of interwebz. Enjoy this look into the life and music of Mr. Metroyd Myk.

MusicChannel 4.5 Network
Generic Panel Show: Happiness

This week Ryan Green sits down with Ben Sisseck, CR Parsons, Micah Hurt, and Chris Cagle to discuss Happiness. Directed by Drew Welcher. Produced by Landry Miller, Ryan Green, and Michael Zampino. 
(Available for free until 11/9)

Channel 4.5 Network
Wolf of Brady Heights

This is recovered footage of some young Tulsans out on the town in Brady Heights. This footage is frightening and not for the faint of heart. This is the only known documentation of the Wolf of Brady Heights.

ComedyChannel 4.5 Network
Anything Must Go

The first episode of Anything Must Go! with Quinn Blakely is here and kicks off it's time with Channel 4.5 in the weirdest way possible. First-time serial killing, lots of blues, and a someone sang a song about the Navy. Check it out here!

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Friday Night Frights Double Feature

We're kicking off our first Friday Night Frights series with two horrifically ooey, gooey, and campy movies. So come be horrified with us while watching Night of the Living Dead and Plan 9 From Outer Space! 
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They Start Streaming on demand tonight at 8pm!

Come back every Friday night where we'll be streaming a different scary movie to send you into the weekend!