#16 Evan Hughes & Jeff Brown

This week Landry talks to Evan Hughes, One of the most well-known comics from Tulsa, he has worked with Creed Bratton (The Office), David Liebe Hart (Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!), Tim Northern (Last Comic Standing) and more. Evan recently performed at Easter Island and was featured on Z104.5 The Edge’s Chuckapalooza, and if you can't get enough of lil bb Evan Hughes you can join the more than 250 Tulsans that wear a shirt with his face on it (seriously).
THEN - Landry is joined by HGTV host, Shep Woolery, and Wrestling Coach Jimmy Garvin.

Jeff Brown is a local improviser, and sketch comedy actor/writer. He's a beloved lil boy and when he's onstage whether it be with Crayons! Improv, his hilarious Improv-Alcohol hybrid show (Which you can watch for the last time at the Comedy Parlor September 2nd at 10pm), or alongside any other combination of performers - he's impossible to take your eyes off of. This bio really sounds like the author is in love with Jeff Brown... But I'm not. I'm Just an intern here. I write what Landry is currently yelling at me while he stuffs Braums chicken in his mouth. Oops, I just missed something he said about Jeff Brown... I'll just make something up I guess... Jeff once single-handedly beat the entire Harlem Globetrotters team at a game of Basketball. 

Featuring: Jeff Brown, Ethan Sandoval, and Evan Hughes