#33 Landry Miller, Guest Host: Ethan Sandoval

Today, Ethan Sandoval sits in as the host, and talks to Landry Miller about relationships, dating, and Ferris Wheels, then we're joined by a musician, followed by an author, and finally we close the show with a new improvised "After-Life" themed number from the Sh*t Boiz! 

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 **Landry Notes:

In all seriousness, the girl I'm referring to in the story is one of my favorite people. Despite the fact that I made light and brought levity to a few stories involving the two of us- I do genuinely care about her. 

Everytime her name pops up on my phone I smile, every time I know I'm going to get to see her the entire day gets better. She's put up with a lot of my idiosyncrasies and strange decision making processes over the past couple months of us getting to know each other and going on dates- and for that alone she deserves an award. She's a wonderful, talented, beautiful human full of creativity, energy, and so many other endearing qualities that I'll keep to myself for fear that I might embarrass her.

I just wanted to make sure that my honest, real feelings were made available, as I have a pattern of hiding who I am and how I feel about things.