Andrew Deacon is a tulsa, OK based stand-up comedian who has performed across the Midwest. He's spent years honing his craft at comedy clubs, festivals, bars, laundromats, weddings and wakes. He's opened for Michael Ian Black, Kyle Kinane, Joey Diaz, Joe DeRosa, Dan Soder and more. In addition to performing, Deacon uses his experience as an internet marketer to help organize Blue Whale Comedy Festival. Being a leader in the Tulsa comedy scene, DEacon seeks to both bring bigger and better shows to local venues, but to also perform across the country as an ambassador for the Tulsa scene.



Michael Zampino, hes been performing stand up for many years, won the Tulsa Comedy Competition,  and has opened for Nick thune, Chris Cubas, Dave Stone, and more. Michael’s comedy mixes observational humor with boyish charm and rebel wit. Touching on topics like family, bad habits, assumptions, and narcotics, Michael’s playful nature and smart punchlines keep audiences coming back for more.  In addition to standup, Mike can also can be heard on his podcast, "Opinions Like A-Holes", as well as playing lead guitar in the Tulsa-based rock band "Greater Than Planes". He is director of the podcast network for Channel Four and a Half.





Landry Miller is a stand up comedian, actor, and writer. He's had a long history in creating independent television shows and stage productions - and has been performing since he was a young child. When he isn't recording podcasts, television shows, or movies, he's performing stand up. He's performed on stages all across the country, including the Comedy Store, Nerdist's Meltdown, and is a frequent guest at comic cons across the nation.



Ryan Green is a stand up comedian and writer. Performing all over the Midwest, Ryan Green has opened for greats like Brian Posehn. When Ryan isn't performing he's hosting multiple podcasts and tv shows on the network or writing pages and pages of scripts. 


Hilton Price - Contributer

In just under a decade Hilton has gone from total unknown to the man called "Tulsa's best MC." A regular recurring host at Tulsa's Loony Bin Comedy Club, Hilton is best known as the unpredictable compere for Tulsa's premiere burlesque troupe, Twolips Burlesk. His half-decade experience in Tulsa has seen him host Tulsa's Nude Erotic Art Show, Boomtown Burlesque, Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, the annual 80s Prom, and much more.

Hilton's sweet-nature and charming smile combined with his razor-sharp wit and vast knowledge of news and pop culture make him a comprehensive, adaptable host for a variety of shows and events.


Ethan Sandoval - Intern/contributer

is a Tulsa Based Comedian/Writer/Podcaster/Improver that has been performing since he was 2 years old but has only recently gotten into standup comedy. He hosts the Shenanigans podcast with Joan Wright and is a regular on Podcast Archives and Lost Sock. Since starting stand up, he has opened for Connor McSpadden, Tim Northern, and Mike Stricker. He also won a Best New Comic in Tulsa Award in February 2017, and has performed across the southern United States.