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Opinions Like A-Holes


OLA is here with our first ever LIVE episode!!!
Recorded live from the Blue Whale Comedy Festival in the Chimera Showroom, Hilton and Zampino are joined by author Greg Renoff, and comedians Josh Lathe, Brian Moses, and Gina Brillon! After a little chat they get into some games with the movie soundtrack game, then the OLA game: "3 Doors Down or 3 Days Grace".
Special thanks to Chimera, the Blue Whale Comedy Festival, our amazing guests, and most importantly you, for making our first live episode such a great time! 

Laundry Room show


This week on the Laundry Room show - Two part episode with Peter Bedgood! There was a lot of freestyle singing, rapping, and dramatic monologues. They are the MOST Laundry Room episodes ever recorded. Including a CW love show between Batman and the Joker, a rap predicting 9/11 recorded in the year 1988, and additional guests a survivalist expert and a dying child.

Stylin' & Profilin' with Cam and Zam


Cam Porter and Michael Zampino are back to bring you Starrcade '86: The Sky-Walkers! From the titular Sky-Walkers match (two tag teams fighting on a super flimsy catwalk until one team is thrown to their death) not being the main event, to the Brokeback Mountain of wrestling promos, Cam and Zam have it all covered with plenty of laughs along the way!

Pillow Fight!


Gather 'round kiddies, cause Katie Van Patten is back with another Pillow Fight, this time with artist Lydia Cheshewalla (@rootsandash and @goodwithcoffee on Instagram) and musician Kalyn Fay ( ). Listen to stories about first crushes, embarrassing moments, sleepover memories, and the scariest damn story about Santa Claus you'll ever hear, all right here on Pillow Fight!!!